Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Piano Man

Mr. B is seven months old and he is crawling everywhere, he sits on his own and he has even started pulling himself up to kneel or stand.

One of his favorite activities is to crawl over to the toy piano, sit and "play" it. He does this over and over again all day long. He often "sings" while he's playing. Watch out, Billy Joel- there's a new Piano Man in town!

Everything Old is New Again

Here is a photo of Miss H in a very special dress! It was made by Hubby's grandmother (Super Yiayia, as we call her) for my mother in law (Hubby's mother) when she was a little girl! It is true indeed that some of the best gifts are handmade. Thanks so much for the wonderful dress!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter in the Desert Southwest

This year we traveled to visit Granny and Papa for Easter. Hubby had a few extra days off so we figured we'd take advantage of the extra time and head south!

We had a great time and here are a few pictures of some of the highlights of our trip.

One of my good friends from high school was in town visiting to help with a 10K run in memory of her father who was killed in a bicycle accident in 2004. The run is held annually and it just so happened that we were there for it this year! She asked if I would like to run with her and I agreed. Only later did I realize that it was a 10K distance, that the first 4.5 miles of the race were uphill and that I would be running at an altitude of almost a mile high. Not having run much more than 5K since before Miss H was born it probably wasn't the smartest idea but, hey, some of the best times are born out of the dumbest ideas :) I can't honestly say I enjoyed the running part but I did enjoy catching up with good friends, the beautiful mountain scenery and the big breakfast burrito that I ate after I was finished.

Our little Snow Bunny loved playing outside, running around the pond and racing Hubby back and forth across Granny and Papa's lawn. She really enjoys green grass and sunny skies so we always spend lots of time outside on our vacations.

Papa hid eggs and Miss H had a wonderful time finding them on Easter morning. Whenever she spotted one she yelled "Oh no! Another one!" and excitedly ran over to get it. We got so tickled watching her run from one egg to another.

Her Easter dress was given to us by Yia Yia (Hubby's mom) and it fit perfectly! Thanks so much Yia Yia!

Mr. B enjoyed his first Easter. We think he makes a pretty cute little bunny too!

Hubby and I were able to go out for dessert and to run errands in the evenings and we left the kids in very capable hands. We wish Granny and Papa lived closer so we could do it more often! What a treat!

One morning we took the kids to the Natural History Museum. I was a little worried that Miss H would be frightened of the large dinosaur skeletons. I thought wrong! She loved them and asked if she could climb on them and slide down them. Lately she has been saying "I'm a wild thing!" since one of her favorite books is "Where the Wild Things Are". She is a wild thing indeed!

We had a great Easter and it was fun to get to see friends and family in the desert southwest. Thanks for a great trip and hope to see everyone again soon!

P.S. We think Granny and Papa should move here to be closer to us. Please?!?

Haircut Trifecta

A few weeks ago Mr. B had his first haircut! Though he was not quite seven months old it was well overdue. The hair on the top of his head and continued to grow and his signature spike/mohawk had turned into a Donald Trump-style comb over...not particularly attractive on a middle aged man and sure not cute on a baby!

Enter my good friend Erin who is a professional stylist/colorist (and Miss H's best friend's mom). She went to work on the comb over and soon the Trump look was gone and a very smiley, cute little boy sat in his place.

Here is the before picture:

Here he is during the cut. As you can see, he seemed to enjoy the experience!

Finally, here is the end result! Fantastic! What a handsome and happy guy!

Mr. B was not the only child who received a trim that day and big sister also got in on the action. Look at that mop! Yes, there is a kid under there! Though the length of her hair would suggest otherwise, Miss H has had several cuts already. Our children are like little monkeys and they grow hair and nails like nobody's business!

Here's the end result for Miss H, sporting her new 'do and posing with her buddy:

Thanks so much to Auntie Erin for the great cuts! Mr. B's first haircut was a great success and even he seemed very pleased with the results! Even I got a cut, color and style out of the deal. If she could groom the dogs then the whole family would be set!

Nothing in Life is Free

Today Miss H was singing the ABC song. She did a great job of going through the letters, only skipping a few, and kept a good tune. At the end of the song, she sang "Now I know my ABCs, next time I won't sing for free." So, if I ever want to hear the song again, apparently I will need to pay up!