Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Mozart and Beethoven

Last week was Miss H's first music class of the winter term and her first session in the 24-36 month section. She was in the 0-24 month class for four consecutive terms so it was definitely time to graduate to "big girl music class"! We enrolled Mr. B in his first session so he made his music school debut in the 0-24 month class. We were fortunate enough to get them both registered in different sections at the same time and on the same day so Hubby and I can each take one child to class and we only end up spending an hour at the music school instead of half the day!

Hubby took Miss H to her class and reported that she really enjoyed it. She adores her teacher and has always been and still is the teacher's pet. The teacher always comments on how sweet she looks and on how eager she is to participate. Obviously she doesn't see her at home when she gives us the "go to hell" look or when she lays down on the ground, refusing to move or do whatever we've asked and tells us "I'm a sack of potatoes."

During her class she played a giant xylophone, sang songs and read books, several of her favorite things. She looks forward to music class all week and always tells us "Music class! I'm so excited!" as we're driving there in the car.

Mr. B is the youngest student in his class but, like almost everything else he does, he took it all in stride and was full of smiles. When the teacher passed out the puppets for a sing-along, a huge grin spread across his face as we received the cow puppet. I'm not sure if he was so pleased since he likes anything that produces milk or if he was just really happy to have a toy that his big sister wasn't trying to take away. Either way, the first class was a success and we think he'll enjoy getting to go to his own class instead of just tagging along on all of Miss H's play dates and toddler activities.

We're not very hopeful that either of our children will be musical proteges since, if you've ever heard Hubby or me try to sing or play an instrument, it's nothing to write home about. However, we figure we're helping develop their "right" brains and hopefully become well-rounded children and adults. And, heck, if they end up liking Dave Matthews or Lady Gaga better than Bach and Chopin, it's probably not the end of the world.

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