Monday, February 22, 2010

Crafty and Sassy

On days when we don't have an outing or play date scheduled, I like to do something creative with the kids or have a small lesson on a certain topic or subject. H really seems to enjoy it and Mr. B is a fairly willing participant too.

One of our activities this week was making stamp art! Our first project was hand stamping. We made a wreath of hands. The pink and purple hands are Miss H's and the slightly smaller blue hands are Mr. B's (trying to get an infant to put his hands on the paper and not into his mouth was more difficult than I had anticipated!). The gold "berries" are H's thumbprints. Though she doesn't usually like to get her hands dirty, she seemed to really enjoy this activity.

Next, we made our own stamps using fruit! We carved a nectarine and then used it as a stamp. Miss H thought this was really slick and she did a great job of stamping on the paper and then putting it back on the stamp pad to get more ink.

Since my own artistic abilities are VERY limited, preschool-age arts and crafts are about as fancy pants as it gets around here. While my previous life was not spent as an artist nor as a preschool teacher, my "pre-kid" career did make me very tolerant of messes and generalized chaos...probably a good thing when a project involves fruit, stamp pads, toddlers and little hands!

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