Sunday, June 13, 2010

Look Out, Broadway!

Last week we had a day where we stayed in pajamas all day and relaxed at home. Though we had planned to go to our weekly play group, for some unknown reason Miss H vomited all over herself and the cat a few minutes before we were supposed to leave. After bathing Miss H and the cat and changing into pajamas, this is what ensued:

Clearly she wasn't very sick and clearly she enjoys watching herself perform in the reflection in the windows...not that she's vain or anything. I thought that perhaps this was seizure-like activity but, nope, she was just singin' and dancin' (most of what she says isn't even actual words so, if you can't understand, neither can we). What is even more funny is that she turns the page of her book and then starts the performance over again. I've heard of music that makes you want to get up and dance but I guess the same thing can be said about some books.

In case you think she is as cute as we do, here is the encore performance:

This kid always finds a way to make us laugh and she certainly isn't shy. Just give her some pajamas, a few windows or a mirror, a picture book and let the show begin!

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