Monday, March 1, 2010

A Birthday Party, A Baptism, Grandparents and a Gold Medal!

The past week has been one for the record books! Hubby was out of town attending a conference, leaving moi as a single parent. Though we missed him a lot, the time passed quickly and both kids were very cooperative and well-behaved. We had a week filled with play dates, friends and outings.

Last weekend, Hubby's parents came to visit. It was nice to get to see them and they even helped me take the kids to their music classes which was a special treat!

Saturday afternoon we went to one of Miss H's best friend's second birthday party! It was a fantastic celebration and H and her little buddies had a great time together. There was eating (cake!), drinking (milk), dancing and even some piano playing...all the ingredients for a perfect party!

On Saturday evening Hubby/Daddy-O returned home! Woo hoo! We were all very happy to see him and our house felt complete once again.

Sunday morning we attended the baptism of my friend's son. It was a very nice ceremony and he was a very happy, agreeable little guy through the whole ordeal. Our kids did well too and sat nicely though the service. Miss H waved at one of her friends in the pew ahead of us and Mr. B watched the ceiling fans going 'round and round but at least both were quiet!

That afternoon we watched the Canadian men's hockey team play the Americans in the gold medal match. I felt torn and didn't know who to cheer for so I only watched a few minutes of it out of the corner of my eye. Hubby was happy that Canada won and I think I'm happy too, though I probably would have been just as happy if Team USA had come out on top. Any time that Canada and the US compete, I tend to be a little bit fickle in where my loyalty lies.

We had a nice visit with the grandparents, the birthday party was fantastic and the baptism was very nice. All in all it was a gold medal, winning weekend!

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