Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Milestones

Mr. B is now 6.5 months old and, in the past few weeks he has reached many new developmental milestones.

1. Crawling! Though he will only move forward a few inches at a time and has yet to crawl across the room, he's well on his way. The funny thing is that he loves the plank or push up position where only his extended arms and toes are on the floor and his knees, hips and chest are elevated off the ground. He "rests" in this position between crawling jaunts. Anyone who has ever stayed in push up position for very long knows that it's not very comfortable and requires a lot of upper body strength! Who knows, maybe he'll join the Army when he grows up. Or maybe he'll be a yoga instructor.

2. Sitting. At our six month visit with the public health nurse, she asked if he could sit with support. I could honestly say that, not only can he sit with support, he can sit independently! The kid likes to sit so much that he even tries to get into a sitting position when he's laying down, something even I find difficult with my post-pregnancy abs some days.

3. Eating. Have you ever watched a dog jump up and steal food off the table and gobble it as quickly as possible so he can finish all of the tasty goodness before someone tries to take it away from him? That is what it looks like when Brett eats. He attacks the spoon, he tries to grab the bowl and pull the whole thing toward his mouth and the kid definitely loves to eat. So far we've tried rice cereal and puree/mashed apples, pears, carrots, peas, bananas, corn and prunes. Though he makes the "squint, pucker, shudder and act like you're poisoning me" face for the first few bites when we introduce a new food, he usually proceeds to very happily eat the rest of his meal.

4. Laughing with his big sister. Last week when we were on vacation, all four of us were sharing a bedroom so Mr. B and Miss H had travel cribs right next to each other. During nap time, we put them both in their beds, closed the door and went to sit in the living room while they slept. Soon we heard laughter and squeals coming from the room. Turns out she was standing up in her portable crib, reaching into his crib and tickling him. Both were giving big, happy belly laughs. Hearing this brought big smiles to our faces and warmed our hearts. These two have such a special bond and we love watching their relationship develop.

The thing that everyone notices about Mr. B is that he's such a happy, joyful soul. Though I know I'm partial, he is an incredible little guy. It's so much fun to watch him grow and change!

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