Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Six Adults, Eight Kids and One House

We haven't updated the blog lately because we've been on a KidCation. No, that is not a kid-free vacation...rather, it's a vacation with a LOT of little kids running around everywhere. The trip was arranged by Hubby and two of his college buddies. One friend and his wife have two children and the other friend and his wife have four children. Add our two kids and the grand total is eight kids and six adults all staying in one house. All we need is a field of crops and some livestock and we could start our own colony!

Miss H is in heaven with little buddies to run around and play with all day long. She is never quite sure if she should play with the "big girls" who are four years old or if she should play with the kids her own age (two boys who are both 2 years old). Usually all of the kids play in one big group which results in a big herd of children running and screaming all over the house and yard.

Mr. B is adjusting well to all of the chaos and has LOTS of big "brothers and sisters" to look out for him (or tickle and poke him). The two year old boys (from other families) keep asking if they can have him and, even on our most difficult days, we are 100% certain that we'll keep him. Even Miss H gives a firm "NO!" when anyone asks if they can have or borrow Mr. B.

We're enjoying friends and fun under the hot Arizona sun. While the house has been a little more chaotic and a lot more noisy than we're used to, we've made some great memories and shared a lot of laughs.

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