Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Meal of Many

Mr. B turned six months old last week and we decided that it was time to offer him his first non-breast milk meal. I started off with a small bowl of rice cereal mixed with breast milk so it would have a familiar taste and since rice cereal is usually the first food recommended for new eaters. Well, the kid is a big "grabber" and insisted on grabbing the bowl and trying to pull the whole thing toward his mouth. Then he grabbed the spoon out of my hand and shoved it half way down his throat. Saying he was excited about eating is a mild understatement!

Since I was also trying to help Miss H eat her dinner (not to mention also eat my own supper) and Hubby was out for the evening, I finally gave up on the spoon feeding for the night and opted for a Farley's biscuit so he could hold it himself and just go to town. He attacked it and acted like he had been doing this eating thing his whole life!

I think Mr. B must get his appetite from his mother who eats anything that doesn't eat her first and who hasn't missed a meal in her 29 years of life. Bon appetit!

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