Friday, January 22, 2010

Being a Big Sister is a Full-Contact Sport

We jokingly call Mr. B "our little linebacker" because he's such a hefty boy. Well, apparently Miss H decided that if he's a linebacker then she wants in on the football action too! While she is usually very gentle with him (save for the two separate incidents where she has intentionally tried to kick him in the head), lately she has decided that it is better to lay ON him than next to him and that it's better to do CPR-like chest compressions than to pat him gently.

Watching our two kids interact with each other is one of my biggest joys. I love getting Miss H up in the morning and taking Mr. B in her room with me and hearing her say "Good morning mommy! Good morning Mr. B! How did you sleep, little buddy?" It is so much fun to read with both kids in my lap and listening to Miss H try to explain the book to B. It makes my heart melt to see Mr. B look at H and give her a big, toothless grin.

However, it makes my heart skip a beat when I look over and see Miss H laying on Mr. B as she says "I'm hugging B!" I have to try and hide the panic in my voice when she pulls books off her shelf and throws them on him and says "Here's a book for you, Mr. B!" Luckily Mr. B has lived up to his "linebacker" nickname and usually just brushes off the tackles and jabs and, thankfully, 99% of the time Miss H has nothing but good intentions when she invades his personal space.

We're trying to tactfully and gently teach H that no one likes a pushy, aggressive girl and to let Mr. B know that being stuck under an older lady is no place you want to be. Very important life lessons indeed!

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