Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Hard Day's Night

Two nights ago Mr. B almost slept through the night. Well, assuming that I didn't imagine it in my Extra Strength Tylenol-induced delirium and assuming that you consider "though the night" to be anything over 4 hours. No, we're not lighting the world on fire just yet but it was a night for the record books nonetheless.

For everyone who told us that baby #2 wouldn't be a good sleeper since we were spoiled and Miss H is and always has been an excellent sleeper, I hope you're proud of yourselves because, yes indeed, you were correct! While overall B is a very easy baby, sleeping for long stretches is not his forte. The kid likes to eat. Every two hours. All day and all night. Don't make him wait any longer unless someone (and their eardrums) wants to get hurt.

Well, I'm not sure if he was having an unusually good dream (most likely about his favorite thing, milk), if his wild sister wore him out during the day or what suddenly changed but, out of the blue, he decided that he could go about 5 hours between feedings.

As misfortune would have it, I have not had a bad migraine in several years but happened to get one in the wee hours of that night/early morning. The timing of his long stretch of sleep coincided perfectly with my throbbing, nauseating, sleep-robbing headache. While B slumbered away, I lay in bed wondering if I should go to the ER to rule out a brain aneurysm and pondered if somehow I had received a nail gun to the head during the day without noticing.

The next morning I found myself with a very chipper and refreshed little boy, an energetic toddler ready to take on the world and a headache that was still lingering but that had improved enough that I realized I might indeed live to see another day. I was optimistic that Mr. B's fantastic sleeping would repeat itself again the next night and that, sans migraine, I could actually enjoy and appreciate it. However, as luck, life, the naysayers or whoever is in charge of these things would have it, the next night he was up every 2 hours eating all night long yet again.
I'd like to say that I enjoyed our one night reprieve from the constant feeding but unfortunately it's just a blur.

No matter how many bags I have under my eyes and how many times I've seen the clock hit 2:30 and 4:30 am these past few months, there is no denying that there isn't a cuter alarm clock. Mr. B is our happy little soul and, if I didn't get to see his smiling face every few hours, I might not know what to do with myself anyway! Soon enough he'll be grown and then I'll be up all night wondering where he is, who he's with, what he's doing and hoping he's making responsible choices. My mom says that the worry starts when they're in the womb and never ends. I'm starting to think that the same can be said for sleeplessness!

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  1. Hopefully the flip back to the 2 hour stretches was the fluke, and not the other way around! Here's to more sleep!