Friday, January 22, 2010

Proud to be an American!

This morning we took B to the embassy to get his US citizenship! Since I am a US citizen by birth and lived there for many years after age 14, our children automatically qualify. Of course since he was born in Canada, he is also a Canadian citizen!

I think it is such a privilege and honor to get the right of citizenship bestowed upon you. In addition to neat things like being able to vote in elections and being able to run for public office, citizenship enables you to hold a passport and enter/leave that country at will, apply for certain jobs and schools reserved for citizens and opens up so many other doors. We made sure to get Miss H's dual citizenship when she was an infant and we are so glad that we did!

After arriving at the consulate, which is technically considered US soil, I immediately noticed that it smelled like corn dogs. Not exactly the typical smell of my homeland but intriguing nonetheless. Security was fairly quick and painless and we were taken upstairs to a room where we waited with many other people who needed to talk to the officials and officers. Since I am American we received a special ticket that put us at the "head of the line" so we weren't waiting with all of the other non-citizens hoping to get their US visas (and there were a lot of them!). When we were called up to the desk a few minutes later the workers were cheerful and friendly and, within a few minutes, we were taking B's citizenship oath on his behalf (while he is a loud baby, he can't solemnly swear for himself just yet).

It was fairly anti climatic and, while I kind of hoped that fireworks would go off, we'd be given a little flag to wave, the "Star Spangled Banner" would start playing in the background and someone would run out with a platter of good 'ol American food like burgers and apple pie for us, in reality none of that happened. The officer thanked us for coming and told us that we were done. Plain and simple.

I have vowed to teach my little dual citizen babies all about the United States, starting with lessons about college and NFL football, Target and Sonic. You know, all the really important stuff! Now the lucky little tykes can do everything from run for President (yes, you are allowed to run for President if you are born outside of the US to a US-born citizen), travel to Cuba and compete on an Olympic team for either country to celebrating two Thanksgivings, Boxing Day and Presidents' Day. The possibilities are endless and we think the US is lucky to have our fantastic little guy as its newest citizen!

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