Wednesday, January 27, 2010

While You Were (Not) Sleeping

For the first few nights that H went to bed in her toddler bed, she stayed in it, never got out and was patiently sitting in bed and waiting for us when we finally heard her stirring and went in to retrieve her the next morning. One of the benefits of having a house with all wood floors and not a single square of carpet is that we can hear EVERYTHING downstairs so we knew that indeed she hadn't set foot out of her bed.

However, around night number three after moving out of the crib, we soon began to hear rustling noises and the pitter patter of little feet on the floor after we tucked her in for the night. When morning arrived, everything was in its place, her room was tidy and it didn't look like she had touched a thing so we had no idea what she was doing during her late night adventures.

By about night five of the toddler bed, we heard loud crashing and banging sounds coming from her room when she was supposed to be sleeping. It wasn't the heart-stopping crashing sound of a kid falling out of their crib (which will forever be ingrained in my memory) but, instead, sounded suspiciously like books falling onto the floor. However, again the next morning, everything was tidy, in its place and the books were all on the shelf.

Yesterday at nap time she brushed her teeth, we closed her blinds, turned out the lights, turned off the radio and I tucked her into bed like I always do. However, I had just closed her door when I heard the pitter patter of quick little feet, the occasional banging sound and a sweet little voice that sounded eerily like Miss H. This continued on for the entire "nap". She wasn't upset and never opened her door so I assumed that she must be enjoying herself and thought some quiet, relaxing time alone was probably good for her and mommy both.

A bit later, I went in to get her and this is what I found:

I was ready with camera in hand just because I really wanted to catch her red-handed and figure out what kind of mischief she was making. As you can see, she was sitting in her bed (she had also turned the radio back on and was listening to music) with a toothbrush in her mouth and two more toothbrushes sitting next to her and a brush, hair ties, pretend cell phone, a few toys and a encyclopedia all in bed with her.

She had also been busy moving books out of her bookcase and onto her rocking chair:

It looks like our nap days may be over but she sure seemed to enjoy herself nonetheless! With a brush, hair ties, "phone", toothbrushes and an encyclopedia in hand, no telling what kind of adventures she's planning!

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