Friday, January 22, 2010

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Toddlers are weird. Yesterday and every previous day in her life, Miss H disliked bananas. She never liked banana baby food and she has never liked whole, cut, diced or any other kind of bananas. She didn't like the taste and she didn't like the slimy texture in her mouth or on her fingers. Magically, out of the blue, she woke up today and decided that she loves bananas! As I was peeling the bananas for a batch of muffins that I was making, she looked at one and asked for a bite. I offered her a small bit and she said "I'll hold it and eat it" so I handed her a large piece. She finished it and asked for the rest of the banana and then another and another! All in all she ate three bananas, three more than she has ever eaten in her entire life!

Yesterday Miss H had no interest in potty training. Every day we talk about "big girl panties", how much fun it would be to use the potty and how it would be so neat to get to push the button to flush. She could have cared less. Miraculously (thank you, patron saint of potty training) she woke up today and wanted nothing to do with her diapers and insisted on using the potty all day long! Granted, I did bribe her a little bit and she did sit on the potty for about 2 hours straight just waiting to eliminate in anticipation of her reward but she did it nonetheless! She insisted on taking her tights off and putting them back on by herself and, as we flushed some excrement down the toilet she said "Bye bye, poopy turd!" and waved to it. She is one funny kid!

Yesterday Miss H spoke in short phrases and often gave one word answers. Today she started speaking in full sentences about 85% of the time. When I was baking in the kitchen, she got out the hand mixer, handed it to me and said "Here's the mixer mom! I'm going to help you!" Then she laid down next to Mr. B on his blanket and said "Mr. B's awake! Good morning Mr. B! How are you today?"

Yesterday and every day prior Miss H refused to speak when we handed the phone to her and played mute. Though she jabbers all day and pretends to talk on the telephone when no one is there, for some reason she always clammed up when we give her the phone with a real person on the other end. Well, today I handed her the phone while I was talking with Hubby at work and she said "Hi daddy! I love you!" and proceeded to have a conversation with him. She did the same with my mom later in the day.

I'm not sure WHAT happened to my baby girl overnight! Maybe the ice cream she had for dessert last night had special super powers or maybe it was her New Year's resolution to speak in sentences, eat bananas, talk on the phone and get potty trained. Whatever it was, our baby girl is growing up before our eyes! This is such a fun age and every day is an adventure. We can't wait to see who the Body Snatchers have in store for us over the next few weeks and months!

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