Friday, January 22, 2010

You're My Boy, B!

Here is what is new in Mr. B's world:

* He has started making "razzing" sounds, which basically means it sounds like he is blowing bubbles with his spit. Very sophisticated.
* When we lay him down on his back, he instantly rolls to his stomach. Then, he moves his arms and legs like he's trying to swim. Holly tells us "Mr. B is swimming! He's doing the front float!"
* The separation anxiety has started and he throws a fit if I'm out of sight, even for a few seconds. Actually, he prefers to have a boob in his mouth 24/7 but he will settle for being within sniffing distance.
* He is also going through a growth spurt and eats every hour on the hour all day and night. I have a new found appreciation for dairy cows. Spending your entire life lactating would be hard work.
* B laughs when we laugh, when he's happy and when we tickle him. We must be pretty funny people because he spends a good portion of his day (when he's not nursing) laughing!

He is still the happiest baby on the block and he is growing up before our eyes! The next chapters in his book- "Learning to Sit Without Falling Over" and "Adventures in Crawling"!

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